NextStag Launches Scalable Voice Infrastructure

NextStag has integrated and redesigned its Voice Platforms with a view to support scalability amidst a growing business traffic. The strategic decision was taken after a regular feedback campaign from existing patrons of the company. The product development and deployment team underwent a rigorous process to re-design the platform with a view to have scalability needs from day one.

“With a growing surge in traffic for customers, it became imperative to realize that our customers are demanding capacity. In such scenarios, scalability could not be an add-on, but had to be an implicit part of the platform base. Starting onwards, our all deployment will be made on the new platform to offer on-demand addition of voice resources. The commissioning time will be zero after you add a new resource, and you are ready to start using the benefits of newly added resource instantly”- says Ashutosh Kumar, CEO at NextStag.

NextStag has also informed existing patrons base of the changes, and existing platforms will be migrated to the new infrastructure in a gradual phased process. The customers stand to benefit from this Platform as they are in control of their platform, and their confidence of growing needs being matched by the underlying Platform.


Author: NextStag

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