Mobile Marketing with Android Swift SMS2Web

Mobile VAS has come a long way in India proving to be an indispensable channel to maintain competitive ARPU among mobile operators. The emergence of multiple media as well as increasing awareness in the general consumer has ensured that value added Services have become a part of life for many people. VAS has an additional benefit for marketers alike, to increase their outreach capability to segments which was hard to reach. Such channels consist of Short Codes Service, Long Code Service besides many others.

We at NextStag, felt the need to decouple the capability of providing SMS codes from operators and harness the power of Android to provide the LongCodes Service to marketers. With this aim in mind, we are glad to offer World’s First Commercial Virtual ShortCode Application running on Android “Swift SMS2Web”.

“The application gives your the power to advertise your SwiftSms2Web enabled Android phone number to consumers at large inviting inquiries and forward them to your CRM or Any Web page or to our Cloud Service, which will store the details of the message for you.With the application running on Android, you have in your hands the power to accept SMS on the handset and forward it to your server or SwiftSMS2Web cloud service. The opportunities are many: you might be inviting public to send inquiries on your number and forward these lead details to your CRM, or open a contest and accept response on SMS, Mobile Marketing.” – says Mrs. Karuna, Product Manager.

In additional to forwarding all messages to web, the application also has the capability to operate on SMS containing on particular keywords only; for eg-for a real estate marketer providing projects, customers will need to send SMS “HOME” to the android phone (having the application running), and the customers number can be captured in the system for later perusal. With the option to auto-reply from the application itself, it enriches the user-experience. For businesses not having their own server and IT-expertise, there is option to forward the SMS to cloud service. Using the cloud service enables you to have a performance review of different keywords and customer leads also.

More Information about the application . The application is also available for providers at Marketplace on


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