IP PBX Advantages over traditional PBX Systems

We all have seen the need to keep pace with changing technologies, and the need to optimize communication solutions and costs. IP-based solution have proved to be a boon by replacing legacy and clunky systems for SOHO and enterprises. Today, we are going to discuss about IP PBX and their advantages.

  • Ease of Use and Low Maintenance – Since an IP PBX runs on traditional computers and web-based, the installation is as-easy as installing any other application. Simple Wizards make sure that even a non-techie can get the system up and running in no time.
  • Substantial Cost Savings – Since the cost of wiring has been now replaced with Ethernet network wiring, the cost of wiring is eliminated. Also, the VoIP Providers provide you the option to choose lesser priced alternatives to Long & International Destinations. You can cut down on costs by having multiple branches connected using the same IP PBX distributed extensions. Since you are now not locked into a vendor, the cost savings come out to be  much higher, since you can avail of price fluctuations using any VoIP Service provider.
  • Scalable – Unlike traditional PBX systems, which are bound by hardware port problems; IP PBX can be expanded by just creating and provisioning new SIP accounts and adding hardware phones to the network.
  • Hosted IP PBX – After realizing the need of enterprises who do not want an in-house management of their phone systems, Hosted IP PBX convey the best mixture of cost saving versus managing the phone system of your organization. Since the system is hosted on cloud, you remain free from the worries of managing your IP PBX system, and let the professionals do their job.
  • Business Features – Since IP PBX is designed grounds-up to work as a software, integration of legacy business applications/ERP/CRM/Contact Center Application is possible, hence offering you increased productivity and efficiency.
  • More Features for less – With IP PBX, it is easy to add Unified Communications features like E-Mailing, IM, Faxing, Audio-Video Conferencing, Contact Center Integration,  to make full use of  tools at disposal to extract the best efficiency in today’s competitive environment .

So, if you are an Emerging Business, or an Enterprise looking to go to next level, or a Multi-Location Organization looking to cut costs on communication, or a Contact-Center looking to integrate your business workflow with communication, you all now know what to do. IP PBX is the answer to your questions!