Mobile Marketing with Android Swift SMS2Web

Mobile VAS has come a long way in India proving to be an indispensable channel to maintain competitive ARPU among mobile operators. The emergence of multiple media as well as increasing awareness in the general consumer has ensured that value added Services have become a part of life for many people. VAS has an additional benefit for marketers alike, to increase their outreach capability to segments which was hard to reach. Such channels consist of Short Codes Service, Long Code Service besides many others.

We at NextStag, felt the need to decouple the capability of providing SMS codes from operators and harness the power of Android to provide the LongCodes Service to marketers. With this aim in mind, we are glad to offer World’s First Commercial Virtual ShortCode Application running on Android “Swift SMS2Web”.

“The application gives your the power to advertise your SwiftSms2Web enabled Android phone number to consumers at large inviting inquiries and forward them to your CRM or Any Web page or to our Cloud Service, which will store the details of the message for you.With the application running on Android, you have in your hands the power to accept SMS on the handset and forward it to your server or SwiftSMS2Web cloud service. The opportunities are many: you might be inviting public to send inquiries on your number and forward these lead details to your CRM, or open a contest and accept response on SMS, Mobile Marketing.” – says Mrs. Karuna, Product Manager.

In additional to forwarding all messages to web, the application also has the capability to operate on SMS containing on particular keywords only; for eg-for a real estate marketer providing projects, customers will need to send SMS “HOME” to the android phone (having the application running), and the customers number can be captured in the system for later perusal. With the option to auto-reply from the application itself, it enriches the user-experience. For businesses not having their own server and IT-expertise, there is option to forward the SMS to cloud service. Using the cloud service enables you to have a performance review of different keywords and customer leads also.

More Information about the application . The application is also available for providers at Marketplace on

NextStag Launches World’s First Client-Application for A2Billing

In the age of Smartphones and affordable high-speed mobile networks, being able to manage your VoIP account from smart phone is something that is on top of mind of providers. Moreover, A2Billing being the one of the leading platforms for VoIP Retail Services, when the product suite is completed by a complementary Smart App. Recognizing this need, NextStag has launched World’s First and only Client Application for Android.
“Aimed at service providers running the coveted A2Billing Platform, the application completed the missing-link which was needed to actually delight your customers. You provide your customers the ability to manage their account on-the-move from Android Phones” – says Mr. Prashant, Product Manager at NextStag.

The application provides scope for customization and branding to suit the existing aesthetics of the Service Provider. With built-in features like Call-Through Callback, Call-History, Refill-History, Voucher-Refill and customizable ad-placement from Admob/Google Ad network enriches the experience of the end-user.
“With special APIs needed for integration with existing setup, our team actually assists you in the steps leading to publishing the application for you on Android Marketplace. We also  take care that a uniform look-and-feel is maintained across the application which is in-sync with your already running platform”.
Following tremendous response after the launch of application at Android Marketplace , the most popular features were incorporated making it a have-all client panel for A2Billing.

More information about the application : .
The application is also available for providers at Marketplace on

Note:A2Billing is a registered trademark of asterisk2billing/A2Billing/Star2Billing S.L product is not officially endorsed by asterisk2billing/A2Billing or Star2Billing.

NextStag Launches Scalable Voice Infrastructure

NextStag has integrated and redesigned its Voice Platforms with a view to support scalability amidst a growing business traffic. The strategic decision was taken after a regular feedback campaign from existing patrons of the company. The product development and deployment team underwent a rigorous process to re-design the platform with a view to have scalability needs from day one.

“With a growing surge in traffic for customers, it became imperative to realize that our customers are demanding capacity. In such scenarios, scalability could not be an add-on, but had to be an implicit part of the platform base. Starting onwards, our all deployment will be made on the new platform to offer on-demand addition of voice resources. The commissioning time will be zero after you add a new resource, and you are ready to start using the benefits of newly added resource instantly”- says Ashutosh Kumar, CEO at NextStag.

NextStag has also informed existing patrons base of the changes, and existing platforms will be migrated to the new infrastructure in a gradual phased process. The customers stand to benefit from this Platform as they are in control of their platform, and their confidence of growing needs being matched by the underlying Platform.

NextStag Launches Hosted Voice Solutions

NextStag has launched Hosted Voice Solutions to enable growing businesses benefit from the immense large market of VoIP. The solution is also aimed at businesses having no prior experience in VoIP Business, and are hesitant to burn their hands.A hosted model enables them to enter the market with NextStag acting as their one-stop solution for everything in VoIP to start with.

“Our goal is to enable new players get a grasp in the industry and help them grow by offloading the platform worries and need for support in day-to-day operations in VoIP. We even go to the extent of recommending good vendors in termination/origination for players who are totally new and may need our Support. But, nevertheless, the customer should always do his own deliberations before tying up with any player, independent of our recommendations.”- Says Vidhya Sagar Dixit, CTO at NextStag.

The Hosted Model is also aimed at players who have experienced difficult times in the market due to unpredictable market-forces and fluctuating traffic trends. Aimed at significantly reducing your Total Cost of OwnerShip, Hosted Solutions benefit the customer in a way that the savings on platform can be used elsewhere, for eg:High Quality routes, etc.

“Since the model is pay-as-you-go, this Hosted Model entirely converts your capital expenditure(CAPEX) into minimal operating expenditure (OPEX). The benefits from this to the business is in terms of Scalability, Upgrade-ability, Increased Levels of Service besides not to worry about the IT infrastructure supporting the Platform, since everything is managed by one team. Customer’s increased focus on the business translates good for the whole ecosystem.”- says Ashutosh, CEO at NextStag.