My Journey with android development so far..

Coming from a Symbian world, stepping into the vast system of Android was stunning at first. But, as days rolled on, the real charm of the Android ecosystem caught on with me, and I was another Android Fan out here. Unlike Symbian, in which one had to track feature compatibility with a multiple capability matrix consisting of Version, Feature Pack and Family, android has fewer capability determinations to pass.
These days when mobiles are getting smarter, mobile industry is getting competitive and  warmer than ever before. And in such a scenario, Android is taking lead in the market by its versatility and open philosophy.  Android does many things for the convenience of its users.  It provides users a way to share and communicate through applications.

A number of key applications come with the purchase of an off-the-shelf android device. Google market is a very aggregator and platform for quality applications.
Possibilities with the smartphones are widely extensible, from managing your daily routine tasks to creating and handling important documents, mailing via Gmail, navigating with the Maps,  social interactivity by tweeting and posting,  having hands-on exciting utilities, addictive games, diving into the web and much more.

Unlimited needs of the users  lead to android custom programming for applications, which inspires and motivates developers to create more powerful apps with better performance. Android’s focus has been to create a right mix of rich-user experience mixed with optimum device drainage. This is reflected in the granular settings level which enable a user to toggle status of each functionality of device as per his lifestyle and device-usage.

Thread based messaging, keeping things as Favorites, scheduling tasks, synchronizing useful data, and making best use of Widgets makes life simple and saves a lot of the time. Its sensible responsive features like Auto-complete text, calling, navigating and google search through voice are truly remarkable.

Its wireless service is impressively strong. Web pages load faster and refreshing rate is pretty good to give a high-speed Internet connection. In my view, Android rendering of Flash content has been the best among phones till now. Light-speed browser with a fast scrolling through the web pages lets you go flawless.

Android’s unified notification infrastructure is an another reason to dump any other OS. You are always in the know about things going on in your system via the notification tray. The notification system lets you stay on top of the things you care about without making the process overly cumbersome.

Being a developer its an amazing and exciting experience of learning and creating apps on Android. Android is really a playground with millions of applications to develop and  use. All the Java and mobile lovers surely like to be a part of this technology and be imaginative to any extent with it.

Android intends to motivate the creation of more innovative and creative applications for mobiles offering greater control to the users. More of its strength lies in its open source framework, extensibility, featuring powerful SDK and its collaborative approach of programming that keeps all resources separate while using each other.

With the availability of Android’s online full-fledged documentation guide for developers with number of examples makes it quite easy to start with your own First Android App. You just need to have Java Development Kit (JDK), Android SDK, Eclipse, Android Virtual Device (AVD) as a plugin inside the eclipse added with your imaginations, creativity….and you are ready to go!

Many of the Google APIs makes life easier and give us opportunity to become more innovative by implementing and modifying these APIs to any extent making many new things possible in mobile technology.

Android market place motivates developers to publish their smallest to biggest applications at one single place. Millions of applications can be found placed well in their categories. Synchronizing reviews and updates with the developers and sending regular update alerts to the users is managed efficiently by the store itself.

Publishing FREE applications is pretty *SIMPLE* and takes maximum of 24 hours, depending on the application to be displayed at the Market Place. So as per my experience with Android so far, it is not only interesting and inspiring but also experimental and full of fun too. It’s fascinating to play around such an interesting and open mobile technology.

The Android developer reference is also replete with full assistance to someone who is totally new to the domain. Develops should especially keep a watch on new API levels and new SDKS and components being added to the ecosystem on a regular basis.

This is the reason Android is emerging as a favorite of mobile app developers. Life should be made easy by technology, and Android can be the real platform to achieve this dream.